Chef Paul Talks 15 Years of Vie: Interview With Chicago Magazine

Chefs Paul and Dan recently discussed Vie’s 15th anniversary with Anthony Todd for the Dish newsletter (subscribe here) and Chicago magazine:

Vie Celebrates 15 Years of Farm-to-Table Dining

Since the beginning, Vie has been deeply associated with the local food movement. This isn’t a buys-one-carrot-from-a-farmer’s-market-and-brags-about-it sort of place: Practically everything on Vie’s menu comes from local farms, as it has since 2004. …

Virant isn’t resting on his laurels. In addition to Vistro, his second restaurant in Hinsdale, he’s working on a new Japanese restaurant set to open in October, this time in the city proper. Gaijin will focus on two dishes: okonomiyaki, a Japanese savory pancake, and kakigōri, a sweet shaved ice dish. But it all ties back to the same concept.

“The Japanese treat food a lot a like we do at Vie,” Virant explains. “[It’s] the whole idea of seasonality, of ingredient-driven, simple, not too complicated food. That kind of religion we preach in the restaurant continues.”

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