Vie Makes The Fooditor 99

Chef Paul Virant and the Vie team are honored to again be included in The Fooditor 99: Where to eat (and what to eat there) in Chicago, by Michael Gebert.

Vie is #13 on the listing:

“Not enough Chicagoans go to suburban Western Springs for Paul Virant’s farm-to-table food (even though you could make a romantic getaway by train there) ... . I’ve only been a few times myself, but Vie holds a disproportionate place in best things I’ve ever eaten anyway.”
— Michael Gebert

About The Fooditor 99 — Updated for 2018

"A Chicagoan's guide to the best of Chicago dining, fully revised for 2018. Chicago’s online food magazine Fooditor digs deep into a great food city, and this book puts the best of it in an easy-to-consult guide. From fancy tasting menus to neighborhood eats from all around the world, this guide gives you the specifics on the places you should check out—and the exact things you should order, thoroughly revised for 2018. ... Here’s a local expert telling you what he’d eat and drink right now in Chicago, the most interesting and accessible food city in America. Plus: a bonus guide to authentic and friendly Chicago Mexican restaurants!" 

Available via Amazon (Kindle and paperback)