Eddie Duracka

sous chef

Cooking for a living was never on Eddie’s radar. However, he always knew that food was at the heart of relationships, a lesson he learned at a young age from his grandmother, Helen, and then from his parents. One night while Eddie was cooking for his wife (then girlfriend), Megan, he wondered how much better he could do if he was actually taught how. Eddie enrolled at the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago in 2007. He graduated with an associate degree in culinary arts in 2010.

Shortly after, Eddie moved to Bloomington, Indiana, where he started work as a prep cook at Restaurant Tallent. Watching farmers deliver their products directly to the restaurant, and then being shown how to properly deal with all of that beautiful produce, Eddie fell in love. After moving back to Illinois in 2012, he was on a mission to find his next culinary home. When Eddie joined Vie in 2013, he knew he’d found it. After working up through the ranks, Eddie was named sous chef in early 2017.