Vie Restaurant



roasted indiana shrimp, grits, tessa-red onion sauce, slow-cooked collard greens, pickled okra 21

semolina gnocchi, smoked chicken breast, crispy braised chicken, roasted watermelon radishes, rhubarb mostarda 14

crispy veal sweetbreads, candied ginger and fermented hot sauce glaze, roasted broccoli, fried rice, scallions, broccoli-ginger leaf puree 18

pan-seared scallops, wood-grilled bread, sweet corn chow chow, wilted and pickled chard, mayonnaise brulee 20

fried brussels sprouts, dill pickle vinaigrette, poached celery root, pickled cherry tomatoes, soft-boiled egg 12

wood-grilled foie gras, cranberry bread, sweet dumpling squash puree, spiced pecans 33

ricotta cavatelli, cognac cream sauce, roasted chestnuts, alba white truffles 36

charcuterie plate: country pate, bresaola and lomo, rye toast, pickles, preserves and mustard 16

domestic cheese plate served with seasonal preserves, dried fruit and nut crostini. choice of three 18

Soups and Salads

the vie salad: local greens, lemon pickled turnips, shaved radishes, garlic and herb vinaigrette, parmesan 12

seared and chilled tuna, peppercorn crust, fingerling potatoes, olives, cauliflower, pickled summer beans, mustard-braised leeks, hard-cooked egg, dijon aioli 19

sherry-glazed buttercup squash, braised and crispy lentils, pancetta vinaigrette, chevre, pea shoots 13

creamy parsnip soup, roasted apples, cheddar cheese tuille, fried sage 12

smoked beets, roasted beets, beet chips, butternut squash aigre doux, garlic conserva crème fraiche, gremolata 12


matsutake mushroom risotto, tatsoi, pickled asparagus, rosemary 28

wood-grilled snake river sturgeon, mashed sweet potatoes, grilled escarole, fermented carrot and brown butter vinaigrette, lovage 33

wood-grilled pork sausage and pork loin milanese, smoked-pork braised brussels sprouts, fried giardiniera, pork jus 28

caveny farm turkey combination: butter-poached breast, confit leg and turkey sausage, spaghetti squash, sunchoke-apple cider puree, pickled sunchokes, fresh apples, apple cider turkey jus 32

pan-roasted walleye pike, spicy braised fennel, farinata, wilted spinach, pickled ramp beurre blanc 35

slagel farm goat combination: tomato-braised goat leg, bockwurst sausage and goat bacon, fregola, roasted cabbage, hakuri turnips, pickled garlic, parmesan, goat milk jam 37

wood-grilled cdk ranch beef strip loin, crispy smoked beef-potato cake, creamed greens, slow-cooked leeks, pickled sweet pepper beef jus 41

wood-grilled vie burger: hicks ranch ground beef, butterkase cheese and bacon, beer-battered bread and butter pickles, roasted garlic aioli 19


*Page updated 12.18.14. Menu subject to change. 5- or 8-course tasting menus available upon request, entire table only please. Vie supports local farmers and artisans from around the Midwest. $25 corkage fee applies to all wines brought into Vie.