Vie Restaurant



poached and chilled indiana shrimp, house cocktail sauce, fresh cucumbers 21

fried green tomatoes, shaved smoked ham, carolina barbecue sauce, pimento cheese 14

parisienne gnocchi bonne femme: haricots verts, braised rabbit, spring onions, rabbit bacon, mustard 18

pan-seared scallops, grilled rapini, white bean puree, candied pine nuts, basil 18

ricotta-stuffed tempura squash blossoms, grilled summer squash escabeche, meyer lemon, scallions 14

lox tartine, wood-grilled bread, chevre, arugula, pickled asparagus, radishes 15

roasted lamb merguez, three garlic mayonnaise, roasted broccoli, broccoli slaw 12

coffee-brined, wood-grilled pork loin, smoky eggplant puree, heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, preserved eggplant, lentil cracker 14

charcuterie plate: country pate, cacciatore salami and coppa, rye toast, pickles, preserves and mustard 16

domestic cheese plate served with seasonal preserves, dried fruit and nut crostini. choice of three 18

Soups and Salads

the vie salad: local greens, fresh and marinated hearts of palm, garlic and herb vinaigrette, parmesan 13

wood-grilled sweet corn, corn fritters, blueberries, chicken liver mousse, savory vinaigrette 13

chilled vichyssoise, smoked sturgeon, caviar, hard-cooked egg, lovage, dill 15

heirloom tomato panzanella, croutons, fava beans, wax beans, mint, caper-spring onion vinaigrette, crème fraiche 15


pan-seared great lakes whitefish, bacon-braised collard greens, yukon gold potato puree, kohlrabi and pickled okra slaw 32

cauliflower and chard gratin, roasted peppers, cheese curds, fried egg, breadcrumbs, herb salad 25

wood-grilled coho salmon, grilled royal trumpet mushrooms, purple barley, black garlic-sherry sauce, arugula 33

fried chicken, charleston gold rice, seared tomato, slow-cooked kale, mushroom pan gravy 32

pan-roasted walleye, toasted zucchini-hazelnut bread, baby carrots, grilled escarole, honey butter 34

wood-grilled baby octopus and garlic pork sausage, smoked tomato, roasted hakuri turnips, picholine olives, tomatillo salsa verde, grilled naan 33

cdk ranch beef combination: wood-grilled strip loin and barbecued beef, grilled dragon tongue beans, fried potato salad, chermoula-hot sauce vinaigrette, pickled red onions 41

wood-grilled vie burger: cdk ranch 21-day dry-aged beef, butterkase cheese and bacon, spicy mayonnaise, coleslaw, pickles 19


*Page updated 7.30.14. Menu subject to change. 5- or 8-course tasting menus available upon request, entire table only please. Vie supports local farmers and artisans from around the Midwest. $25 corkage fee applies to all wines brought into Vie.