Vie Restaurant



Faculties Inverter
Templeton rye, brandied cherry juice,
Cointreau, lemon, Aperol, sage

The Autumnal French
Pierre Ferrand 1840 Cognac, Orleans Manzanilla Sherry,
Fall Spice Syrup, Herbsaint

Come To Drink Of It
Caorunn Scottish Gin, chamomile tea, fresh lime, Green Chartreuse,
Petita Verda mezcal

Makes Wide Turns
Rittenhouse rye, Aperol, Bols Genever, Vanilla Earl Grey Syrup

Vie Mule
seasonal infusion, fresh citrus, ginger beer

The Baron Munchausen
Laird’s Applejack, St. George Spiced Pear, Yellow Chartreuse,
fresh lemon, cranberry

Who Drinks Scotch
Glenrothes Alba Reserve, Pommeau, Cynar, Batavia-Arrack, Sea Salt

All libations 13


Easy Tippling

The Go-To
Carpano Antica, soda

Bulleit bourbon, soda, ginger ale

Light Libations 8


Black Raspberry Cream
black raspberry jam, fresh lemon juice, egg white, soda

Tuttle, not Buttle
cranberry, honey syrup, lime, mint

chamomile syrup, soda

N/A Concoctions 5



Biere de Guard Dog; Off Color Brewing Co., Chicago, IL
Keep It Copacetic; Middle Brow Beer Co., Zion, IL


Czechvar Pilz; Ceske Budojovice, Czech Republic 6
Double Barrel Ale; Firestone Walker Brewing Co., CA 6
Imperial Wit; Ten Ninety Brewing Co., Zion, IL 8
British IPA; Meantime Brewery, London, UK 11
Dubbel; Rockmill Brewing Co., Lancaster, OH 16
Buffalo Sweat Oatmeal Stout; Tallgrass Brewery, Manhattan, KS (16oz) 7
Prohibition; Sea Cider, Vancouver Island, B.C. 12
Falco American IPA; Evil Twin Brewing, Brooklyn, NYC 7
Calabaza Blanca; Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales, Dexter, MI 12
Antoinette Cider; Duché de Longueville, Normandie, FR (750ml) 28

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