6.10: Homebrew Dinner

The 2014 Homebrew Dinner is all set for June 10 at Vie!

6:30 p.m. Reception  |  7 p.m. Dinner

Featuring beers from the winners of our recent homebrew competition

Six-course menu (+ the beer!), $85

Call (708) 246-2082 for reservations





chicken liver mousse crostini, smoked rhubarb

spicy cheddar cheese straws, smoked apple butter, bresaola

parmesan arancini, pickled artichoke mayonnaise

IPA brewed by Zane Fulton



grilled porcini mushroom pate, braised pickled sweet peppers,

fried sourdough, mustard greens

Belgian dubbel brewed by Drew Guardi



fish and chips: beer battered walleye, vie french fries, malt vinegar mayonnaise

ESB brewed by Terry Frey



slow-roasted brown sugar pork belly, pickled ramp glaze, olive tapenade,

creamed spinach, spaetzle

smoked serrano pepper porter brewed by Patrick Sheehan



crispy mole-rubbed barbecued beef, smoked and pickled spring onions, toasted polenta, sweet corn

brown porter brewed by Dustin Wakeman



holland’s family cheese marieka gouda fondue, rye toast, plum mostarda

eisbock brewed by Eric Phillips



hibiscus wit sorbet, strawberry rhubarb jam

hibiscus witbier brewed by Ryan Chada



chocolate, popcorn, malt

Russian imperial stout brewed by Walter Ornelas